Why The Oodie Is This Years Hottest Gift

Featured In The News And Trending On Social Media! Over 1 Million People Love Their Oodie!

18th November 2021 at 10.15 am

Why is this soft, cosy, wearable hooded blanket so popular?

Finding the perfect gift is hard. And beyond all the expensive games consoles, smartphones, and gadgets — what else is there? 

Well, it’s surprised many brands all over the world, but parents, grandparents and kids are rushing to grab an Oodie.

Emma’s Dilemma

Emma and her partner always struggled to find great gifts for their family. But now their whole family can’t get enough of their Oodies “I first saw the Oodie when my nieces came to visit last year, wrapped up in these cosy looking giant hoodies” Emma revealed.

My 10-year-old Georgia tried one on and her eyes lit up straight away. It was so cute! She even giggled, saying ‘it’s so snugly and cosy mummy... It’s just like one of your hugs!’ ”. Emma told us “She wore that Oodie all day and was sad to let it go. That’s when I knew it would make the perfect present.

We decided to get Georgia her very own Oodie for Christmas. She slipped straight into it and she’s hardly taken it off since, except to wash it. That was last year!

The most surprising thing was just how much my husband and me secretly loved it too. We actually ordered adult Oodies for ourselves and we’re totally in love with them. I just bought some more Oodies for my other nieces and nephews. I’ll be their favourite aunt in no time!

Emma’s experience isn’t unique because thousands of people can’t get enough of their Oodie. The only problem is, they never want to take them off!

Another happy Oodie customer, Susana, shared “ohhhh so soft and fluffy mummy’ - It's what she said as she tried it on. My 3yr old loves it! I had to have a second one so I can alternate them between washes.”

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Why Are Over 1 Million People In Love With Their Oodie?

Some say it’s a big soft hoodie. Other’s say it’s a cosy wearable blanket. Most say it’s the warmest, most scrumptious and utterly buttery piece of clothing they’ve ever owned. 

The Oodie is the talking point of playgrounds, social media, and the news alike. It’s the highest-rated wearable blanket on Facebook and TrustPilot, with over 14,794 reviews.

Find out more about the Oodie and why it’s so popular below...

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The Oodie Is So Cosy You’ll Never Want To Wear Anything Else

We apologise in advance for recommending the Oodie because you and your family will never want to wear anything else again.

The Oodie has redefined what comfort means. It’s lined with vegan eco-friendly “sherpa fleece” which is like sheep’s wool but much softer and fluffier.

The outside is made of a velvety soft flannel fleece that’s snuggly and comforting.
Wearing an Oodie feels like getting a warm, happy hug from a cloud. Perfect for lounging around your house in the evening and staying toasty warm in the morning.

Everyone Will Be Calm, Cosy And Cuddly

The Oodie is so cosy that you’ll be amazed at how content and peaceful your home becomes. And while no one has done scientific studies to prove the Oodie actually calms the body and brain, much of their customer feedback supports that idea.

“Easy to order, great present, very relaxing and enjoyable. Have purchased four for the family. Best time if the night when I get to wear and relax!” - Andy

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Just think about when you’ve had a long stressful day. There’s nothing better than slipping into something super soft to relax and unwind in front of your favourite TV show.

The Oodie takes that feeling to the next level, enveloping you with dreamy comfort and softness. It’s like wearing a warm snug hug.

Fun Designs That Fit The Whole Family

We all know it’s healthy for kids to develop their identities and express their playful personalities. But it’s important for adults too.

The Oodie has tons of different designs to choose from, so there’s something for everyone’s unique style and personality — even adults. Because why should the kids have all the fun! 

Choose from fun designs like cute koala, wacky avocado, and crazy garlic bread. Or tie die, warm pastel colours... and even Harry Potter, Frozen, or Disney.

ZoeTech Infrared Sauna Blanket

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Compact and portable for use anywhere at any time

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Relax and recover in the privacy of your own home

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Adjust heat to get the perfect soothing temperature

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Designed for maximum comfort and peace

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Hygienically contains sweat with no leaking

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The Oodie Is Perfect For Almost Any Occasion

Camping, movie nights, sleepovers…

You can use the Oodie virtually anywhere at any time. It’s also fantastic for travelling on aeroplanes or long road trips in the car, keeping everyone calm and comfortable for hours on end.

Soft, Snuggly And Durable - Even After Washing

Don’t let the soft exterior fool you, The Oodie is tough enough to last years without fading or falling apart. Your Oodie is easy to clean too. Simply toss it in your washing machine and choose the delicate cycle for a hygienic wash.

The Oodie never loses its softness so and your loved ones can enjoy total comfort and bliss for years.

Kangaroo Pouch And Hood For Maximum Comfort And Function

Two of the key features of the Oodie are its hood and kangaroo pouch. The hood is blissfully soft and great for wrapping up and keeping warm, so you feel safe and secure.

And the kangaroo pouch at the front is a great place to put your hands for total cosiness. The pouch is also a great place to stash chocolate, chips and other goodies!

19 hours ago

“I gave my niece an Oodie for her birthday and I am told she takes it off to go to school and shower! She loves her Oodie.”
- Kathleen 

Thousands Of People Love Their Oodie

Check out what some of The Oodies happy customers have to say:
5 hours ago

“Absolutely love my Oodie! Perfect in every way! I wear it most days when cold I even drop my daughter off to school while wearing it, and she's not even embarrassed!”
- Jodie H.

1 day ago

“OMG!!! I love my Oodie!!I got it today and as soon as I opened my door and saw the package (the Oodie) I was like, 'OMG!! My Oodie has arrived!' I put it straight on and people are right, it feels like a cloud. ☁️😁 It's 100% worth it!! If you haven't already, Get the Oodie!!!.
- Lucia W.

12 hours ago

“I ordered kids unicorn Oodie for my daughter. It came in beautiful packaging that made sure the product was delivered safely. It is so cozy and comfortable to just use as daily wear, I already want to pinch it off her! Quality and colour is excellent!!!”
- Pallavi B. 

1 day ago

“My daughter LOVES her Oodie. In fact, I have to tell her to take it off sometimes. Great customer service too :)”
-  K.D. 

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1 hours ago

I have to admit, when I saw the ad for the Oodie I wasn't convinced. How could an essentially thicker hoodie be anywhere near as orgasmically comfortable as the actors make out. Well, turns out my inner cynic was wrong. It's really THAT comfortable and warm to wear. On cold days, it's essential. On hotter days, I've even taken to using the AC to MAKE the house cold so that I have an excuse to wear it. All I can suggest is that you try it. I guarantee you won't regret having done so.
- Michael M.

3 days ago

“I bought the Oodie for my granddaughters... The eldest is a Harry Potter fan and the other Frozen. Their mother had trouble getting them off them to put in the wash. Now I am going to buy my grown-up children one each for Christmas”.
- Theresa 

23 hours ago

“This is the best thing I have ever bought in my life. I never get out of it, I sleep in it, I do my schoolwork in it and I eat in it. I don’t think I’ll ever get out of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
- Mia

A Week ago

“OMG 😱 I’ve already written a review but I NEEDED to do another one😄😁So my little baby brother was crying and I didn’t know what to do! But then he laid his head in my Avocado Oodie and viola he was asleep 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Have I mentioned how cute the Avocados are 😁 Love ❤️ it 💜”
- Scarlett P

A Month ago

“I got mine a long time ago and it is still soft! My whole family has one except for my mum and my dad. My friends and my cousins have one too! I highly recommend this Oodie and all the other Oodies to you! It makes you comfy anywhere. If you are planning on getting an Oodie but you are not sure if you will love it, trust me you will! It is the best purchase I have ever made”
- Gabby H.

4 Weeks ago

I love it! It was my 14th birthday on Wednesday, and I haven’t taken it off since (except when I go to sleep). It's so warm and comfy and the detail is adorable, I definitely recommend getting one, literally so good for camping, watching movies and anything really, go get one now they are life-changing”
- Kiralee H.

It’s Clear To See Why Oodies Are Such A Popular Gift For Kids And Adults

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What Others Are Saying

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Verified Customer - Sandra
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Kaeley R.
My in laws got this for me for Christmas and I could not be happier
Maddy W.
I LOVE it I even wear it on hot days that's how good it is!
Kids love them. They even created a special Oodie dance routine. Product looks great and are good quality.
Tahlia C.
The oodie is so amazing I love it so much it is so warm, comfortable, soft and easy to wash I love it so much I can’t say it enough. ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕
Gem loves loves loves her Avo and Toast. Now she’s wanting the pillows 😂
Indi I.
I love my office except the fluff gets very yucky
Sarah H.
I absolutely love it. The pattern is so cute and the quality is spectacular. It keeps you super warm and it’s just so cozy. I would definitely get one
Anna N.
It is amazing so warm I have warn it to bed and we love it ❤️💗 💕
Mackenzie C.
It was great shipping, and it’s very comfy. 5 stars thankyou the oodie. I love the avocado it my favourite. 😊
Love it sooooo much ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Super soft and I don’t ever want to take it off!!
Petros K.
Very comfy and warm.We love them.
Chloee R.
Love this oodie so much, so adorable, comfortable and lightweight!!!